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Earth's Healing Marijuana Dispensary Tucson

Welcome to Earth’s Healing

We believe in the power of Mother Nature to make the best medicine. Our medical marijuana dispensary in Tucson, Arizona provides safe, compliant, and reliable cannabinoid therapeutics and we strive to give our patients the most effective products available.

Marijuana Strains

All Strains Tested

At Earth’s Healing all of our medical cannabis is laboratory certified to ensure you are getting a quality medicine at an affordable price. We do not pre-package any of our medication. Our products are weighed and packaged in front of you at time of purchase.

Marijuana Loyalty Program

Sweet Sixteen:

Earn 1 Point for Every Dollar
Spent Then Redeem Points…

For every 500 points*
earned receive $16
in store credit.
Spend it however
you like!**

PLUS you can bank your
points so you don’t have
to redeem them at 500.

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10% Discount for Veterans, Seniors, and Students.
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Why Choose Us ?

  • No Pre – Packaging
  • High Quality Strains
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Wide Selection
  • Loyalty Pays Rewards Program


2075 E. Benson Hwy
Tucson, AZ 85714


” I really appreciate the specials EH offers. When you have a budget, having the 10% off for veterans, seniors, students is so helpful. Thanks again. “
” I live in Sahuarita about a good 25 minute drive one way. For the service alone its worth a try. Amazing people, atmosphere and a welcoming environment. They know you by name like that show “cheers” and they’re always glad to see you. But on a real note this place is legit and the meds are great and the new medicines their bringing out are top notch. This place I love. “
” Fast and friendly service. I have not been disappointed with any of my experiences there. Quality is great. Cannot go wrong. “
” The quality of service, professionalism, and the quality of medication is superior to any other establishment in Tucson. Thank you for your great service. “
crystal labrado
” After trying out other local dispensaries I realize Earth’s Healing is top of the line for taste and aroma. I suffer from pain from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, I know pain and now I have truly found natural pain relief. Try them out I swear by them. “
” Once again I find the staff to be very patient, helpful, and friendly. The product quality is also excellent. Compared to other local dispensaries, the waiting area seems comfortably informal to me, whereas others are a bit stiffer and more “medical” in ambiance. Earth’s Healing awards customer loyalty points that can be exchanged for products. I think that this is a nice touch, but it’s really the service and bud quality that I have come back for. “
” This place is great. The meds are always top shelf staff is very knowledgeable they know what they’re doing and answer any questions. last I picked up from EH was some jesus OG and disneyland OG both were amazing. helped w pain and good night rest. would recommend to try! “
” Earth’s Healing is by far my favorite medical marijuana dispensary in Tucson at the moment. The staff is very nice and flowers are just what I’m looking to smoke thanks for good quality meds đŸ™‚ just brought my dad in today for his first visit and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna feel the same way. “
” Excellent dispensary. The staff is professional and well prepared to discuss details of their inventory. The atmosphere is apothecary quality. “
” Earth’s healing is by far my favorite dispensary! I’ve been to all the dispensaries in Tucson and none of them compare to Earth’s Healing not to mention the quality of top shelf they offer. “
” Earths healing has some awesome meds an amazing student discount and the best rewards system in Tucson. “