Medical Marijuana is a excellent at helping with the side effects caused by various medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma Crone’s Disease, Cachexia and many, many more. Just like prescription medication, medical marijuana can cause different side effects in certain patients. Not all patients will experience side effects from medical marijuana and those who do find their side effects much milder and easier to manage than those often experienced with prescription drugs, such as opiates.

The Most Common Medical Marijuana Side Effects and Suggested Methods to Alleviate Them

Red/Bloodshot Eyes

If you experience red/bloodshot eyes while using medical marijuana, you can use common eye drops (such as Clear Eyes, Refresh, and Visine) to clear the redness. Red/bloodshot eyes will clear up naturally over a period of time.

Dry Mouth or Thirst

If you experience dry mouth or thirst while using medical marijuana, drink plenty of fluids, such as noncarbonated, sugarless drinks or chew chewing gum with xylitol. Dry mouth or thirst will clear up on their own as the medical marijuana wears off.


If you experience increased hunger while using medical marijuana avoid satisfying this hunger with unhealthy foods, such as sweets or chips. Keep plenty of healthy foods on hand to satisfy, your hunger, such as fruit. Increased hunger will clear up on its own as the medical marijuana wears off.


If you experience drowsiness while using medical marijuana do not drive, operate heavy machinery or drink alcohol and try using medical marijuana in the evening just before going to bed. Indica strains tend to cause more drowsiness, so you may want to try switching to a sativa strain.


If you experience insomnia while using medical marijuana decrease your dosage and use earlier in the day or try switching to an Indica strain, which has increased sedative effects than sativa strains.

Respiratory Issues

If you experience respiratory issues while using medical marijuana try using edible marijuana products or a vaporizer to avoid inhaling smoke and related carcinogens. Vaporizers eliminate nearly all irritation on the throat and lungs.

Short-Term Memory Loss

If you experience short-term memory loss while using medical marijuana, try adjusting your usage schedule around your daily activities. Short-term memory loss will clear up as the medical marijuana wears off.


If you experience giddiness while using medical marijuana, try adjusting your usage schedule around your daily activities. Giddiness will disappear as the medical marijuana wears off.


If you experience anxiety while using medical marijuana, use it in an area that feels comfortable and secure to you. Anxiety appears more often with sativa strains, so you may want to switch to an indicia strain instead.